Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Personal Growth - thoughts

I often wonder how things seem so disjointed and unrelated while we are experiencing them, but at some point afterwards the dots seem to connect themselves . . . that happens with books, conversations, and just about everything else if I am paying attention.

I started listening to another podcast (can you tell I spend some time on the road?). It's from Fordham University in the Bronx (New York City), and it's titled "Adventures in Transformative Learning." I'm realizing two things: that the Northeast United States and Canada appear to be way ahead of the rest of us for using technology in education (or naybe just sharing what they have learned), and that the term "adult education" is often used to describe non-college education (English as a Second Language - ESL, GED preparatory courses, etc.). OK . . . that's not the track I was on. Let's switch to the term "Adult Learning." I'll change my Edublogs blog now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I would be beyond remiss if I didn't give props to the folks at Ed-Tech Talk for their podcasts and blogs. You guys ROCK! I was passionate about delivering the message in new, creative ways before, but WOW! I love what you are doing . . . thanks!

Collective thoughts

At this point I am contemplating the "best fit" for the many folders in which I operate. I have many (simultaneous) interests, and for now will leave them in various locations. At some point that will bother me enough to centralize. Until then . . .

I am exploring adult education. One of my passions is Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.

I read a RAND study recently that mentioned and emphasized a need for introducing criminal justice (as a course) into the high schools. OK, maybe I am stretching it a bit -- what the study said was "survey young people to gauge their interest in police work."

My son's high school has Criminal Justice courses, but I am thus far unsure of the experience of the teacher. Is that important? Can anyone with an interest teach high schoolers about Criminal Justice?

The Study is at http://www.rand.org/commentary/052306WP.html.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blog Launch

No invitations sent, no VIPs invited. Just looking to get started with the blog thing and realized the simplicity of Google came to blogging. I noticed there's a spell check function -- I like it already!

Let's get started!

My interests are varied. I've got a passion for adult learning. My experience is in Criminal Justice. I (primarily) teach adults in a variety of Criminal Justice courses. I learned a while back that we should 1) find out what we are really good at, and 2) do that most of the time. Sometimes I take good advise :-)