Friday, April 25, 2008

Completely and totally unscientific . . . but Facebook beats LinkedIn and Myspace for growth

. . . and, I'll bet more Twitterers have Facebook than LinkedIn and more Facebook than a MySpace (or at least they talk about Facebook more).


According to Twist, which displays trends on Twitter, Facebook is discussed a lot more than MySpace (at least in the past week).

And there's a whole lot more being discussed about Facebook than LinkedIn, in the same time frame, too.

Is that relevant?

I think it is when you look at the March 2008 statistics, that show MySpace has or is reaching the saturation poinnt and Facebook is doubling year-to-year (no, I didn't plot this out month-by-month). According to, MySpace is up 8%, while Facebook is up 98%. LinkedIn managed a 319% increase in the same period.

To confuse these results even more, see what we, the users, reported to be the 100 best Web 2.0 applications. Over 1.9 million votes were cast to select these Webware 100 winners in the Social space:

What did we miss? Perhaps the OpenSocial initiative is working better as a marketing strategy than an implementation plan? :-)

So what has changed in the past year, since the 2007 Webbys?

What do you think?

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