Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grand Canyon-based business (and life) lessons

I just returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon via (not viva) Las Vegas. I liked the Canyon more, perhaps because I am absolutely not attracted to tourist traps nor do I enjoy places that offer you the opportunity to deposit your finances in something that flushes (no, not like the stock market and investments in real estate).

This photo is at the Grand Canyon, though not of the Grand Canyon.

It demonstrates (in my opinion) the key to success at whatever you do. It's the Sunset seen over the Grand Canyon, visible only with the right timing and a refusal to follow the crowd.

There were dozens of people gathered where we were to get a look at the sunset over the Grand Canyon at 30 minutes before sunset. Because there were a few clouds on the horizon, the majority (about 80 percent) left just minutes before this shot was visible. We did not.

What do you think?