Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Claiming your LinkedIn profile on Technorati -- is there a reason?

I learned from @ProBlogger (AKA Darren Rowse) that Technorati made it possible to claim your Twitter account. I went through the process, the most technical of which was extracting the URL from the the pre-designed html code and posting it on Twitter.

And then I got to thinking . . . I have used LinkedIn for a lot longer, and it has a lot more information . . . why not see if I can claim my LinkedIn profile?

Well, I did it. It's as simple as providing Technorati with your LinkedIn public address (mine is here) and then inserting the web address they give into your profile page (I added it to my summary).

Now I just have to figure out whether that's something that will be productive. There are only 4,456 Twitter accounts on Technorati at the time of this post, but it appears there may be only a few on LinkedIn.

And yes, I realize that neither of the above are ranked very high, but I am having fun, and the day ain't over yet!

(and I bet you are going to try one of these out now that you are finished reading this post).

What do you think?


WanderlustTraveler said...

I am curious whether this was productive for you. I claimed my twitter and technorati helped me notice that someone blogged about one of my tweets. Aside from someone linking to my linkedin profile (which would of course be interesting in its own right) any other thoughts on a practical use for this? (Not that I'm not going to still claim my linkedin profile...)

carterfsmith said...

Other than material for a blog post, I haven't seen any productive results. In fact, I think Technorati changed the rules with their new pinging system. The link now says "We’re sorry…we don't have a blog by that name. If this is your blog, look over our Blog Quality Guidelines and submit your blog for review by pinging us. Or better yet, claim your blog to get into the high priority queue!"

It has no authority (though I have linked a few times) and it's ranked 4,572,551, right there with my Facebook account that us still awaiting validation :-)